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Academic Decathlon

The Results

  • We earned 55,900 points, our best score ever, making us one of the top 5 schools in the state.
  • Benjamin Lin finally became the top scorer in LA County earning a standing ovation from the crowd of 500+.

  • Nathaniel Lyons - 2nd top scorer of LA County.

  • For those who are interested, here is a list of all the medals we earned:

    • Benjamin Lin: Gold in Art, Essay, Literature, Interview, Music, Science, Social Science, Overall Honors, and Top Overall; Silver in Speech, Bronze in Economics.

    • Jessica Doan: Gold in Speech; Silver in Essay, Science, and Social Science; Bronze in Math.

    • Darren Lam: Gold in Essay and Literature; Bronze in Interview.

    • Peter Tran: Gold in Literature, Science, and Social Science; Silver in Math, Speech, and Overall Scholastic; Bronze in Art, Economics, and Music.

    • Andrew Obeso: Gold in Art, Economics, Math, and Inteview; Silver in Speech; Bronze in Science, Social Science, and Overall Scholastic.

    • Kelly Xie: Silver in Interview and Speech; Bronze in Math.

    • Nathaniel Lyons: Gold in Art, Economics, Essay, Literature, Math, Interview, Science, Speech, Social Science, Overall Varsity, 2nd Best Overall.

    • Mark Ochave: Gold in Interview.

    • Honorable mention to David Villa, who was unable to compete because of a GPA category qualification issue, but who continued to study with the team every step of the way.


Nathaniel Lyons, Benjamin Lin, Darren Lam, Peter Tran


Craig Michael, Nathaniel Lyons, Benjamin Lin, Allan Aguirre