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2016 - 2017 IB Diploma Programme Courses:



English- Language A: Literature (HL, two-year course)

English- Language A: Literature (SL, two-year course)

Spanish- Language B (SL, one-year course)

Mandarin- Language B (SL, one-year course)

History of the Americas (HL, two-year course)

Biology (HL, two-year course)

Mathematics (HL, two-year course)

Mathematics (SL, one-year course)

Mathematical Studies (SL, one-year course)

Dance (SL, two-year course)

Visual Arts (SL, two-year course, & HL, two-year course)

Psychology (SL, one-year course)

Theory of Knowledge (two year course)


IB Diploma Programme Faculty

Jennifer Zampiello:

IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Extended Essay Coordinator

CAS Coordinator

Chris Pirraglia

Language A: Literature,  juniors (HL)

Theory of Knowledge, juniors

Craig Michael:

Language A: Literature, seniors (HL)

Jannette Arroyo:

Spanish, Language B (SL)

Kerri Du:

Mandarin, Language B (SL)

Samantha Neel:

History of the Americas, juniors (HL)

Guillermo Trabado:

History of the Americas, seniors (HL)

Taylor Kerby:

Psychology (SL)

Stephanie Farrel:

Biology, juniors (HL)

Dunat Hin:

Biology, seniors (HL)

Jesus Galvan:

Mathematics (SL)

Melina Mena:

Mathematical Studies (SL)

Mathematics (HL)

Jason Hess:

Visual Arts (HL & SL)

Kaely McPhee:

Dance (SL)

Katie Burnett:

Theory of Knowledge, seniors

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