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Database policies

Loan Periods

Every library material has a loan period of two weeks.  If our library does not have a needed material, we can conduct an interlibrary loan from other school sites in our district.

Overdue, Lost and Damaged Materials

The EHS Library/Media Center staff does there very best to remind each student about returning their materials on time.  If any material is returned overdue, please contact Mr. Burrows at any time to discuss the status of the materials that were checked out.

Over the course of the school year, materials from the library/media center may become lost or damaged and a respective fee will be calculated by the EHS staff.  Each student is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of their respective lost or damaged materials.  This fee can be paid off in one whole amount or in payments (which are to be step up by school administrators). 

Each student's fee must be paid in full before the end of the school year.

Reservation of Library/Media Center and its Materials

The EHS Library/Media Center reserves the right to restrict, suspend or revoke all library/media center privileges according to the EHS staff for the violation of school policies.